“Rumor travels faster, but it don’t stay put as long as truth. ”
― Will Rogers

Allow me to tell you a story:

Sean, responsible for quality control in a multinational company, finds out that the HR department started to plan his team’s vacation time without involving him.  

Now the story could go in two different ways:

Option 1: 

Sean vents his frustration in the next 4 calls of the day that have 20 people in attendance. He tells them how bad HR works and how little they value his opinion.  

Option 2: 

Sean mentions in his next 4 calls that he is upset about something he has to work out. That same afternoon he calls the HR team to express his disappointment and ask for an explanation on what happened and why.   

With which of the two options do you feel more identified? Do you identify which is the way to face the challenges of your peers? 

We find ourselves in situations that bother us often and decide to vent with third parties that have no influence or ability to resolve our issue. What do we achieve with this?

  • More discomfort/disappointment 
  • To create a bad reputation for yourself 
  • Fail to solve problems in the most effective way possible 

Powerful question to ask yourself:

How can I stimulate stories from a leading and constructive point of view? 

Make change happen:

The next time you find yourself in front of a person who tells you a story from limitations, impossibility, victimhood; I invite you to try some of these questions to transform their speech and conversation:  

  • What challenge did you face? 
  • How is it affecting you? 
  • How did you choose to respond? 
  • What has been the impact to you? 
  • Is there anything you can do now to be in a better situation? 
  • What can you learn from this?


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