“Be the person who keeps their word; honors their commitments (financial and otherwise) even when it isn’t convenient”.
– Lucy McDonald

Last week something happened to me that probably happens to you often.

I had a meeting at 5pm in order to coordinate the efforts of several teams located in different countries for the launch of a project.

It was time for the meeting and one person did not show up. While trying to locate her, we started the meeting to honor the time we had set aside for all of us to talk.

We moved forward and… still no sign of her.

After a while, she connected and told us that a client had called her in the morning to ask her for a conference call at the same time for an emergency and she had accepted…

In this type of situation, we could gain or lose confidence from those we work with. When faced with such a difficulty, we can become victims or we can take responsibility and honor our commitments, even if there’s a conflict as new information transpires.

What kept you from letting us know as soon as you accepted the new commitment? What kept you from checking to see if we could move the meeting? What kept you from apologizing and checking how this could impact us?

Remember! You can always honor your commitments!

  • Make only promises you intend to deliver
  • If you have a problem that prevents you from keeping a commitment, let your stakeholders know as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the last minute!
  • Take responsibility, apologize (even if it was not your fault) and offer an alternative time/way to move forward.

Powerful question to ask yourself:

How valuable do I consider my word about what I say I will do?

Make change happen:

Analyze the last few commitments you made at work that you were unable to keep:

  • What was the reason?
  • When did I let my stakeholders know? When I found out or at the last minute?
  • Did I take care of the impact on others?
  • Did I apologize since I was the one who changed the commitment?


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