“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities” Stephen Covey

We all want to feel part of it. To feel like we don’t miss any of the important things in life. The problem is that we cannot control the number of new stimuli we receive.

During the pandemic, the number of online requests to socialize, do sports trainings, attend mental health courses, work meetings, has grown exponentially. With this came great physical and mental health problems like the famous FOMO. The amount of stimulus has radically increased, as has the weariness accompanying it.  All this comes from our own fear of missing something. To feel that maybe in our absence something spectacular happens, and we missed it.

How can we get out of this vicious circle that just gets faster overtime? 

This will not be solved if we continue to increase our participation entering a spiral from which getting out grows increasingly difficult. Instead we should, on one hand, be more selective and choose those things more aligned with our intentions (and note I said “more”, because if not, we fall into the trap of saying that they are all equal).  And on the other hand, working on our own ability to find peace in not being part of everything, to understand that life itself is a finite space, limited by a time and a space that we can expand but never break.

It is working on both things, prioritizing according to our interests and accepting our own limits, that will give us the inner strength to live in peace with what we have and what we can do, rather than a constant fear for all that we miss in life.

Powerful question to ask yourself:

What would be the worst thing that could happen if I missed “X” meeting?

Make change happen:

Try this!

  • From your upcoming week’s schedule choose 1 or 2 activities per day (at least 1 hr long) that are least aligned to your needs.
  • Do not attend them (let whoever needs to know in advance)
  • Use those hours you earned to do something for  yourself that you find more aligned and relevant than the other activities

Adjust your schedule to reflect this, no matter what, for one week, and let’s see what happens!

Click the link below if you want to read more about FoMO: How to Deal With FOMO in Your Life


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